EpicCare Amublatory Analyst-Certification required

EpicCare Amublatory Analyst-Certification required
FTE Role
The Applications Analyst functions as the primary support contact and expert for the clinical application. They work under the direction of the Clinical Applications Director to configure, build and install the application. They coordinate all issues that arise during the project for their application area.
Primary responsibilities include:
o Analyzing work flows and understanding policies, procedures and constraints of the clinical or business operations. In depth and precise investigation and documentation of operational specifications and application functionality is required.
o A key technical activity is to analyze new releases to determine how workflow should be modified.
o They function as the primary contact to troubleshoot problems and questions from end-users during training, go-live and stabilization periods.
o Attention to detail is a critical skill for this position. Successful candidates enjoy helping other users learn and adopt usage of the application.
o They work collaboratively with all Departments within the Information Systems Division, Clinical Departments and other Departments as necessary in problem solving issues related to the application, communication, documentation, and in the implementation and maintenance of the application.
To effectively fulfill the requirements of this position, candidate must have:
o 3 years clinical experience preferred.
o EpicCare Ambulatory Certification and build experience required.
o Ability to work independently and meet deadlines with minimal supervision and ability to deal with simultaneous tasks, communicate effectively, problem solve, and develop creative solutions to complex problems required. Strong organizational, problem solving, and listening skills, attention to detail, innovative thinking and ability to inspire others required. Must possess a high level of customer service skills and participate as strong, collaborative team player. Working knowledge or experience in Microsoft Office tools and an understanding of computer system capabilities to address process requirements required.
o If RN, valid Florida RN License as required.
If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to email removed
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